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New Blog

OK, this is a new blog for the website. Maybe if I make it easier to update the site, I will actually keep up with it from now on. With trying to find time to pay the bills and actually write, it makes it alot harder to actually post on a website. If it's simple, it's easier.

I will be in the process of overhauling the entire site, so hopefully good things will be coming in 2011.

Merry Christmas to anyone looking at this, and hopefully you'll hear more soon.


Site Redesign Underway

So, if you got to this page, you're pretty good at figuring out how to get around a webpage, since the main site is down. Why? So I can make it easier to update. I'm currently waiting for a database to finish setting up on the server, then I will be running the install for Dot Net Nuke (a content management suite) so I can keep the news up to date instead of waiting for a year between updates. I think it'll make life much easier, and hopefully anyone who views this on a regular basis will be happier as well.