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Priorities and Temporary Addictions

So I go through these phases. During them, I am addicted to something new. Not drugs, that period has long passed. Not alcohol, though I do enjoy a beer or two on occasion. Stuff like a specific video game, banging away on the guitar, collecting and watching more and more movies, catching up on the entire series run of various TV series, things like that. And yes, religiously updating my website and blog is one of the addictions I seem to cycle through.

Unfortunately, I'm not embroiled in that particular addiction at the moment (movies are fading, and I'm not sure what's next), but I am going to try and at least get the website looking, well, decent. Hopefully it will help until I get back into the website addiction phase.

If only I could prioritize these phases. Life would be so much simpler then.

And no need to worry. Writing stays fairly constant, so new stuff is still coming through. I do have something I'm working on right now. Maybe I'll remember to update this blog or the main site sometime and tell you about it.

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